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Meet and greet in Mobile for Hog Wild

Had an amazing day yesterday with the kind folks with Hog Wild… I can’t wait to post pictures… Carol took me to the grounds around 1 where I met up with Carl and the sweet Miss Chalice (oh I hope I spelled that right) and learned all sort of useful southern ways…. I now know that “lovely’ is a nice way of saying you don’t like something… oops better scratch that word from the nice side of my list of words and I also learned that you can say anything you want about a person that is not very nice as long as you follow it with “bless his/her soul” then it is perfectly ok to say whatever you said… I am going to use that A LOT!!!

Carl introduced me to quite a few teams… wow some of their rigs are pretty impressive. I met John Swift in his beautiful motor home… he was busy cutting up chicken. I tell you his trailer was colder than Canada!!! When I commented on that he explained it was to keep the chicken fresh… YIKES… I needed a scarf… but really great to see how serious these competitors take their meat.

I also met David… oh boy what a character he is… He is a KCBS judge and he used do tours for the Jack Daniels distillery and by all accounts he gave the absolute best tours ever… and he has quite an attachment to forks!!! He found that it isn’t unusual to run out of forks so he keeps a spare in the bib of his Dickie bib overalls but any time he hugged a beautiful women or bumped up again something his fork would snap… so… he contacted Dickies and explained to them how he needs a spot for his fork and now there is a slot in the bib of Dickies especially for David’s fork… urban legend???

Got to see some of the organizers from the other day like Ed, we had done measurements together the day before… he sure is a spunky man dedicated to this event and Lance, who let me paint the numbers on his back yard areas…

Met the redneck teams that are going to give me my first introduction to moonshine tonite! I was warned to not ride the saddle… not quite sure what that means but I think I will heed that advice!

And then we went to the meet and greet… Wow what a spread.. I got to try cheese grits… hmmm jury is still out on grits! and hush puppies… yep pretty sure I love them… there were around 300 people there, a silent auction and a really great floor show done by the kids with cystic fibrosis (who is the charity of this event). And met so many other people I wish I could remember all their names… I am beginning to think my name is no longer Alison but is now Alison from Canada! Everyone who is told why I am here are so quick to give me tips about the event or tell me stories of when they were in Canada or how they would love to come. I am meeting people who don’t even BBQ that want to know the dates because they would like to have a reason to come to Nanaimo… This event will be really good for tourism in Nanaimo! And tourism brings dollars and dollars spikes the economy… I just keep bumping up against more and more reasons why hosting this event is such a good idea for us.

I also met Carolyn who founded KCBS (Kansas City BBQ Society). What an interesting lady who takes no credit for this wonderful world of BBQ she has created. It is remarkable how one woman’s idea has led to all this… one person really can make a difference and create change in this world of ours.

Today I am going to meet Alex who has one of the most successful downtown BBQ festivals in the USA and he has a TRAIN that runs down the middle of his event every 1 – 2 hours and doesn’t slow down! His city is really behind his event and it just keeps getting better…

I forgot my USB for my camera but I am going to post this anyway and add pictures later… I am off to see how the event starts and witness the side contests…

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