Travel Tips for Europe

Traveling to Europe?

Brilliant! You are going to have tons of fun there.


The continent is absolutely wonderful, and each and every country has its own unique look and style. The best part is that traveling around Europe is actually pretty easy. Providing you come up with a decent plan beforehand, I am sure that you will have absolutely no issues when it comes to visiting the places that you want. On this page I want to give you a couple of tips on traveling around Europe.

  • First, it is absolutely vital that you have a plan in place. I can’t stress this enough. As I mentioned previously, there is a lot to do on the continent. While some people will hop from area to area without a care in the world, if you have only a limited amount of time at your disposal then you will need to plan, and then more. Provided you do not spend too much time in one location you should easily be able to visit five or six different countries in a two week vacation. You won’t be able to do everything, but you will be able to take in most of the main attractions.
  • Try and fly with low cost airlines. Provided you stay on the continent and plan your trip well then most of your flights will be one to two hours at the most, while getting from one airport to the other. This means you do not need the latest thrills on your trip. You just want something that will get you from point A to B without any hassle!
  • Want to travel across the continent while checking out beautiful scenery? Head to Rail Europe. They do a brilliant pass that will allow you to travel throughout Europe (not the UK) on the train. You can hop on and hop off whenever you want. It is a great way to travel around. I know a few backpackers who got one of these passes and just hopped off at a station that looked appealing to them. Rail travel in Europe is a great deal better than in America too…they take great pride in their network there!
  • Don’t over pack! Many Americans think that Europe is some sort of ‘third world’ location that does not have all of the home comforts. Don’t worry, if you can buy it in America then it is likely you will be able to find it pretty close by in Europe.
  • Keep your passport safe! If you are travelling by road or rail (and to some extent via the plane), you will not need your passport. All European countries have an agreement in place, which allows you to cross borders without your passport being out. Do your research beforehand, but keeping that passport buried deep in your bag where it can’t get lost will be a good idea.

I hope these travel tips give you a good sense of how to travel on your next trip to Europe, if you want to save on money and stress!

Birthday Party Bus

21st Birthday Party Bus Rental…….

PDX Limos

I was recently talking to a lady we will call her Sarah, about her daughter, who we will call Jennifer. She was telling me how Jennifer was about to turn 21 and wanted to go out on the town and do what young people in their 20’s do….you guessed it, go clubbing, and of course, go drinking. Sarah was very concerned for her Jennifer’s safety and frankly I would be too.

We got to talking some more the subject changed but it kept coming back to her daughter. I could tell that Sarah was completely consumed by this. She didn’t really like the idea of Jennifer drinking in the first place, let alone going to downtown Portland to do it.

It dawned on me that Sarah could keep her daughter safe, even if she wasn’t happy with Jennifer’s choices. I casually brought up renting a limousine as a birthday present for her. This way the chauffeur is their designated driver. He will take them where they want to go and make sure they get home safe.

I could just see the tension in her face release. It was as if her whole body relaxed! She was so grateful for our talk and couldn’t wait to talk to her daughter about what she was giving her as a birthday present….

This conversation got me thinking. How many young people communicate about wanting to go out and drink with their friends when they turn 21. How many parents discourage this. Bottom line is they are going to do what they are going to do. My advice it’s much safer for them and for everyone else on the road to have a designated driver, so why not hire a limousine service to give your child and their friends the red carpet treatment!! CLICK HERE for a great limo service. Booking a limo will give you points, major points parents! And your child’s friends will be surprised, excited and it will be a night that they will never forget.

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